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IT governance – little known, yet essential!

Do you want your employees to be able to give their all? In this case, your IT services and tools must respond to the quarter turn! Today, efficient, secure and up-to-date information systems are a cornerstone of any profitable business. This must be complemented by a strong governance program. Information systems and governance program: in fact, the growth and sustainability of your business largely depend on these two factors.


What is governance?

But when we talk about governance, in cybersecurity, what exactly do we mean? In short, this essential activity – also called IT governance – refers to the means implemented to ensure and maintain on an ongoing basis: your information security regulation of deployed security systems compliance with current standards In the current environment, marked in particular by continual changes and increasing security risks, a personalized, responsible and structured security program is indeed essential to the good health of your IT (and therefore your company). Through your IT governance program, you: Set tactical and operational security rules (e.g. having appropriate controls in place) based on your business objectives Adopt cybersecurity best practices Ensure consistency in the implementation of the normative framework Ensure standards compliance NETsatori helps you, more specifically, to comply with the following essential standards: PCI ISO27001 ITSG-33


What is governance?

The first step in your IT governance framework is to establish an overall security program and develop:

  • general policies
  • specific guidelines
  • specific procedures

This will result in the application, within your company, of personalized security principles, measures and controls.