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Visualize & analyze your network

Visualize your entire network

Instantly visualize your entire hybrid network security topology – in the cloud, on-premises, and everything in between. Understand the impact of network security policies on traffic, quickly troubleshoot connectivity issues, plan changes, and perform “what-if” traffic queries.

Optimize the discovery of applications and services

Never misplace an application on your network with new and enhanced application discovery. Identify your business applications and their network connectivity.

Connect applications to security policy rules

Firewall rules support applications or processes that require network connectivity to and from specific servers, users, and networks. With AppViz, automatically associate the relevant business applications that each firewall rule supports, enabling you to review the firewall rules quickly and easily.

Micro-segment successfully

Master micro-segmentation. Define and enforce network segmentation throughout your entire hybrid network. Be confident that your network security policies don’t violate your network segmentation strategy.

Clear answers in clear language

Get the answers to your network security policies in plain English. Use AlgoBot, an intelligent chatbot that assists with change management processes. Reduce ticket resolution time by giving other parts of your organization the tools they need to get immediate answers.