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The Benefits of IPAM for Microsoft

Modern network infrastructures require complete control of core network services and IP plan foundations. SOLIDserver IPAM offers global visibility and task automation, so adding it to your Microsoft investments brings a host of benefits:

Single-Pane-of-Glass Visibility and Control

Global management of IPAM-DNS-DHCP with VLAN/VRF and network interfaces.

Intelligent Task Automation

Improved SLA, reduced costs and enforced policies. Microsoft multi-master DNS architecture updated in real time.

Customized Reports and Service Monitoring

Extensive auditing capability for compliance. Threshold alerts for efficient troubleshooting.

Simplify Disaster Recovery

In case of Microsoft DHCP server unavailability, exact configuration of the old server is added to a newly installed server.

Open APIs for Easy Ecosystem Integration

Flexible APIs enable network automation and action on triggers in Cloud native environment.

Microsoft’s IPAM requires a dedicated server and lacks functionality (open APIs, true repository..) required for today’s open architectures, leading to difficulties when trying to scale and to deploy state-of-the-art high availability. EfficientIP’s IPAM solution for Microsoft delivers complementary technology to leverage your Microsoft investment, bringing advanced features and easy integration to orchestrators and the network ecosystem. Central Management of DNS & DHCP ensures synchronization, while SmartArchitecture functionality and open APIs help accelerate deployment. Rich reporting and alerting are included, and adding NetChange features allows verification of what devices are on your network. The solution is capable of handling millions of IP addresses and thousands of appliances.

SOLIDserver IP Address Management integrates seamlessly with Microsoft DNS and DHCP servers offering comprehensive visibility and enabling unified, automated and policy-driven management for higher security, reliability and scalability of your network infrastructure. Having redundancy on DNS/DHCP services and clustering for IPAM & management included, the solution is extremely cost-effective.

SOLIDserver enables simple, fast and secure disaster recovery processes. It stores all required information for Microsoft DNS and DHCP services recovery in its embedded database. In the event of a Microsoft DHCP server unavailability, SOLIDserver pushes the exact configuration of the old server onto a newly installed server. Risks of conflicting IP address allocation are eliminated, and coherence of the configuration and all parameters is guaranteed.

Based on an intuitive and efficient web interface, SOLIDserver DDI appliance streamlines resource qualifications and consumption, while maintaining full control of data consistency across the complete IP addressing plans, VLAN organizations and DNS-DHCP architectures. SOLIDserver’s high level of automation capacity increases process administration efficiencies, allowing simplified delegation of administrative tasks.

Infographic of Ipam Solutions for Microsoft Flexible Architecture

DDI Observability Center Demo Video

Check out the demo for EfficientIP DDI Observability Center. We’ll show you how Cloud-based visualization of DDI telemetry and analytics across any DDI architecture is now possible thanks to the DDI Observability Center. It offers NOCs enhanced visibility for optimizing network operations, performance, service continuity, and UX.