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Service Provider Extension (SPX) Key Benefits

SOLIDserver™ Service Provider Extension (SPX) is a unique market solution providing built-in functionalities allowing registration, provisioning, planning, and management of IP addressing and naming services for operators’ networks.

Optimizes IP ResourcesOptimizes IP Resources

Optimizes the consumption of IP resources (addresses, subnets, blocks).

Automates Admin Procedures

Models, standardizes and automates administrative procedures.

Simplifies Delegation

Simplifies the delegation of resource deployments with collaborative work image filetools.

Advanced Reporting

Provides advanced reporting and auditing capacity at a glance.

Compliance and Efficiency For RIR Declaration Management

The assignment of internet IPv4-IPv6 addresses is governed by rules to which the operators have to refer and comply. SOLIDserver integrates these rules in order to streamline and industrialize the declarations life-cycle to the RIR. This works through:



Ensuring assignment of 80% of allocated IP addresses by the RIPE before requesting new allocation from the RIPE


Registering all required IP address assignments


Archiving all exchanges with RIPE