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Deliver services quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively

Transport networks are not just about capacity, they’re also about services. While the race is on to terabit speed, the ability to deliver individual services from 1G to 10G quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively is what sets service providers apart. Ekinops unique T-Chip technology provides a single multi-protocol, multi-rate, multi-reach platform to meet any customer requirement for Ethernet, SONET/SDH and even Fibre Channel services.


Product Gallery

Ekinops360 Product Line

PM_05005MP 10G Multi-protocole OTN Transponder

Ekinops360 Product Line

PM_C1008MPLH Multi-Protocol, Multi-Rate,10G Mutiplexer/ADM with FEC

Ekinops360 Product Line

PM_1604 Quad 8G/10G/16G Fibre Channel & 100GbE Transponder