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Add capacity, reach and flexibility

Disaggregated networking is no longer just a concept, it’s a movement. Built on an open architecture, disaggregation allows best-of-breed technologies to optimize performance. To fit this model, Ekinops White Box Family provides stackable, 1RU solutions that allow you to add capacity, reach and flexibility quickly and easily to any network. Consisting of both ROADM and amplifier elements, the White Box Family offers an easy to use optical line system that is simple to install and operate.



Product Gallery

Ekinops360 Product Line

RM_ROADM-H10-WP Ten-Degree Open Architecture ROADM Shelf

Ekinops360 Product Line

RM-ROADM-H4-WB Four Degree Open Architecture ROADM Shelf

Ekinops360 Product Line

RM_OAC17-WP Open White Box Optical LineAmplifier For C-Ban