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AI Data Center

Simple and seamless operator experiences that save time and money

Recent advances in generative artificial intelligence (AI) have captured the imaginations of hundreds of millions of people around the world and catapulted AI and machine learning (ML) into the corporate spotlight. Data centers are the engines behind AI, and data center networks play a critical role in interconnecting and maximizing the utilization of costly GPU servers.

AI training, measured by job completion time (JCT), is a massive parallel processing problem. A fast and reliable network fabric is needed to get the most out of your expensive GPUs. The right network is key to optimizing ROI and the formula is simple — design the right network, save big on AI applications.

How Juniper can help

Juniper’s AI Data Center solution is a quick way to deploy high performing AI training and inference networks that are the most flexible to design and easiest to manage with limited IT resources. We integrate industry-leading AIOps and world-class networking technologies to help customers easily build high-capacity, easy-to-operate network fabrics that deliver the fastest JCTs while maximizing GPU utilization using limited IT resources.

Simplified operations for up to 90% lower networking-related OPEX

Our operations-first approach saves time and money without vendor lock-in. Juniper Apstra‘s unique intent-based automation shields operators from network complexity and accelerates deployment. New AIOps capabilities in the data center with Marvis, our virtual network assistant (VNA), further enhance operator and end-user experiences, enabling customers to proactively see and fix problems quickly. The result is up to 85% faster deployment times when using Juniper for AI Data Center networking.


100% Interoperable with all leading GPUs, fabrics and switches

Proprietary solutions that lock in enterprises can stifle AI innovation. Juniper’s solution assures the fastest innovation, maximizes design flexibility, and prevents vendor lock-in for backend, frontend, and storage AI networks. Our open, AI-optimized Ethernet solution ensures feature velocity and cost savings, while Apstra, is the only solution for data center operations and assurance across multivendor networks, With Juniper, you have the freedom to choose any GPU, fabric and switch to best meet individual Data Center networking needs.

Turnkey solutions result in up to 10X better reliability

Juniper delivers turnkey solutions for deploying high-performing AI data centers with flexibility and ease, from switching and routing to operations and security. Juniper validated designs (JVDs) simplify deployment and troubleshooting processes so you can build the next great AI model with confidence and speed. Silicon diversity in our products drives scale, performance, and customer flexibility, while integrated security protects AI workloads and infrastructure from cyberattacks.