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Wireless Access

Traditional wireless LAN solutions rely on antiquated architectures that lack the scale, reliability, and agility needed to address today’s diverse enterprise needs. Juniper solves these issues with an innovative approach to wireless access that combines AI-driven automation and insight with the flexibility and dependability of a microservices cloud.

Our wireless solutions enable IT teams to simplify and accelerate troubleshooting while strategically using IoT and location services to transform operations and drive innovation.

Finally, Wi-Fi the way it should be

Get the efficiency, resiliency, and visibility you need to deliver better network experiences. See why everyone’s switching to Juniper Mist Wi-Fi.

How Juniper can help

Juniper’s wireless access solution delivers real-time insights into the exact performance and service levels that mobile users and devices are experiencing. We automate corrective action for network self-tuning that identifies and fixes problems before they can negatively impact user sessions.



Deliver exceptional experiences

Optimize all user, device, and IoT experiences with AI-driven insights and customizable service-level expectations (SLEs). The Juniper Mist cloud uses streaming telemetry data from Juniper wireless access points to continuously monitor coverage and capacity metrics for the best possible service at all times


Transform IT with AIOps

Power the network edge with wired and wireless access solutions unified under a common cloud and AI umbrella.  With event correlation across domains, end-to-end service levels, and integrated insight using the Marvis Virtual Network Assistant, it has never been easier or more cost-effective to manage a combined wired/wireless infrastructure.




Secure wireless access

Enforcing which users and devices can join your network and what they can access is critical to safeguarding your IT assets. Juniper Mist Access Assurance provides zero-trust, identity-based network access control and full-stack policy and segmentation assignments in a flexible yet simple authorization framework to safely onboard your guest, IoT, BYOD, and corporate devices.


Use location strategically

Enhance the business relevance of your data with integrated virtual Bluetooth® LE (vBLE) beaconing, machine learning, and IoT technologies—without overlay hardware and software. Together, they allow you to boost user engagement, locate assets, and perform proximity tracing with ease and accuracy.



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Wired and wireless, better together

Power your network edge with unified solutions that address the range of today’s diverse enterprise access needs. Combine Juniper wireless and wired access solutions, both driven by Mist AI, for seamless end-to-end connectivity, security, and operations supported by cross-domain event correlation and integrated network insights.