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DDoS Attack Protection Is Our Core Competency

NETSCOUT has been the undisputed leader in DDoS attack protection for nearly 20 years. Not only do we produce the world’s best DDoS attack protection products; we can also provide the day to day management of the systems, tuning them to industry best practices, and then manage DDoS incident response so you don’t have to. All this is backed 24×7 by worldwide managed DDoS protection experts and continuous threat intelligence.

DDoS Attack Protection Is Our Core Competency


A Security Operation Center (SOC) is a centralized function within an organization employing people, processes, and technology to continuously monitor and improve an organization’s security posture while preventing, detecting, analyzing, and responding to cybersecurity incidents and providing managed DDoS protection services.


Managed DDoS Protection Service Benefits

World’s Foremost DDoS Expertise

Leverage experts who mitigate DDoS attacks daily and utilize best practices in defense to protect your network/services from attacks allowing your staff to concentrate on driving your business goals.

Preparation for Attacks

Expert implementation, provisioning and day-to-day maintenance of DDoS attack protection products to industry best practices will properly prepare your business for a DDoS attack thanks to our managed SOC.

Continuous Improvement of Defenses

Comprehensive post incident reports, postmortem analysis, consultation, and policy tuning to understand and prepare for future attacks.

Proven DDoS Protection

Our managed DDoS protection service provides you with exceptional DDoS expertise and continuous operation of your DDoS defenses to best current practices; continuously backed by global threat intelligence.


Why NETSCOUT’s Arbor DDoS Attack Protection Solution is Better

NETSCOUT Arbor has the industry’s broadest portfolio of DDoS attack protection products and services that enable organizations of any size to customize a solution to meet their technical and financial requirements of today – and the future.


All of Arbor’s managed DDoS protection services are backed 24×7 by industry-leading products and dedicated experts in DDoS attack mitigation. This managed SOC enables organizations to outsource their DDoS protection so they can optimize in-house staff.

Global, Cloud-Based Protection


NETSCOUT offers a fully managed on-premise DDoS attack protection via Arbor Edge Defense (AED) that can automatically stop a variety of DDoS attacks as large as 100 Gbps to reduce stress on in-house security teams.

optimize DDoS protection

Arbor Cloud is a fully managed DDoS attack protection service that offers over 11 Tbps of DDoS attack mitigation capacity via 14 worldwide scrubbing centers; providing global protection for organizations of any size.

Global, Cloud-Based Protection

The Arbor managed services team can set up your deployment with tight integration using cloud signaling between the Arbor AED on-premise and Arbor Cloud to automatically mitigate attacks in the most optimal location.

Arbor Hybrid Setup




Managed DDoS Service: What Separates Good From Great?

The case for a managed DDoS protection and mitigation service is well established. Partnering with a provider that can oversee the system’s operation takes a big IT issue off your plate, augments your staff resources, and gives you access to specialized DDoS expertise. But not all managed DDoS services are alike. How can you tell a great one from a merely good one?