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Network Object Manager Key Benefits

As well as enabling network automation, the trusted data brought by Network Object Manager (NOM) helps IT Teams with operational efficiency, risk management and capacity planning.

Foundation for Your Network Automation

Comprehensive, accurate and open source of truth, made available to your DevOps, NetSecOps and Cloud IT teams

Increased Operational Efficiency

Fast, error-free automated configuration and deployment of network objects enforcing company policies

Simplified Lifecycle Management

Check, modify, delete network objects based on accurate and up-to-date data

Faster Threat Remediation

Actionable meta-data to help Security Operations Center detect and protect

Better Risk Management and Compliance

Based on exhaustive and trusted information

More Solid Capacity Planning

Create and visualize any network topology and quickly find your network objects

For reaping the benefits of network automation in complex IT infrastructures hindered by siloed and inaccurate data, your IT team needs trusted, shared repositories.


EfficientIP Network Object Manager (NOM) allows you to construct a Single Source of Truth repository of network objects which can be used to model and visualize any network topology. NOM provides a comprehensive, reliable, open inventory to serve as the foundation of any network automation, helping your DevOps, NetSecOps, and CloudOps on their path towards zero-touch operations.

NOM repository delivers enterprise-wide and accurate visibility of all physical and virtual network objects types including switches, routers, servers, PCs, printers, IP phones, IoT, VMs and containers, as well as their associated metadata including name, interface type, OS, Cloud ID, CPU, RAM… to name a few. 


As an open repository, NOM can be used to interconnect with and unify existing IT repositories and databases in a single Source of Truth. Its data can also be enriched with information from the EfficientIP Cloud Observer discovery tool. 

eing fully integrated into SOLIDserver solutions, NOM data and metadata bring unparalleled ability to feed through open APIs the lifecycle management  of network objects in physical, virtual and cloud environments.


You can easily connect NOM with your ecosystem such as business or IT applications and tools, for streamlining your automation processes, saving time and improving operational efficiency.

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