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DNS Intelligence Center (DNS IC) Key Benefits

Unified cloud-based portal offering near-real-time visibility over analyzed and categorized DNS Traffic at a glance.

Enhanced Visibility over Traffic Intent

Actionable analytics leveraging internet-scale and contextual data

Easier Detection of Threats

DNS traffic matched with DNS Threat Intelligence data feed to early detect threats and accelerate RCA.

Improved Security Decision-Making

Accurate risk scoring and IOCs, eliminate false positives, increase operational efficiency.

Accelerated Threat Remediation

Qualified security events automatically shared with ecosystem for a more integrated security infrastructure.

Cost Optimization

Resource and time savings brought by highly scalable infrastructure and improved operational efficiency.

Cyber threat intelligence has emerged as a pivotal aspect of cybersecurity defense, with 60% of organizations considering it vital (IDC 2023 Threat Report). DNS traffic contains data on user behavior and intent, to offer proactive defense. With DNS-centric Threat Intelligence, your security team can detect and investigate malicious intent and behavior as early as possible.


Leveraging EfficientIP’s DNS expertise, DNS IC offers insightful, actionable, and reliable near-real-time DNS analytics, viewable from a cloud-based portal. From this, SOCs can use DNS threat intelligence to proactively defend against any cyber threats. DNS IC enables two main functions: 1) Easily detect threats by matching DNS feed domain names with DNS traffic to accelerate and automate decision-making 2) Efficiently investigate Domain Names by browsing IoC and Risk Scores to quickly assess threat potential.

Accurate validation of “suspicious behavior” requires global, processed, and current data on networking utilization. Without this, incorrect security decisions or false positives become very likely. Our DNS-centric intelligence is made up of comprehensive, analyzed, and up-to-date information. It leverages unique volumetry of data at internet-scale combined with contextual information to increase data relevance. Details on past history as well as current behavior and intent are included.


Guaranteeing high quality and reliability of the data provided to your security teams is fundamental. We continuously collect all data ourselves, across devices, applications, and networks (on-premise, cloud or multi-cloud). Our highly scalable infrastructure caters to any volume and frequency of DNS data. The information is then processed using patented technologies and algorithms including ML and AI.

DNS traffic contains information on all network services, applications, devices, and their usage. Attack traffic also frequently passes through the DNS. Unfortunately, analysis of DNS traffic is often overlooked, as creating DNS Threat Intelligence can be difficult and costly. Your SOC or SIEM may therefore be losing out on receiving valuable indication of threats.


To fill this gap, DNS IC provides actionable analytics which are fit-for-purpose, helping accelerate the investigation process. From a centralized, unified portal, your security team has granular visibility down to individual DNS Server or across the entire DNS infrastructure. This visibility on intent and behavior accelerates your decision-making process i.e. do nothing, investigate or report.

Dns Threat Intelligence Process Behind Dns Intelligence Center

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