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DNS Threat Pulse Key Benefits

Consolidated, categorized, and curated DNS data feed built by leveraging unique volumetry of DNS traffic at a global scale.

Improved Visibility on Suspicious Domains

Comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date information for early threat detection

Proactive Network Security

AI-powered consolidated and curated feeds per category to better prepare for security events and prevent.

Faster Threat Remediation

Graduated, adaptive security responses to ensure business continuity.

Strengthened Security Barrier

Combine domain filtering with client filtering offers additional access control.

Holistic Security Infrastructure

Populate security systems for accelerated and efficient remediation.

Increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks are putting enterprise network security at high risk. These attacks often use DNS as a vector, incorporating malicious information within DNS traffic. Analysis of this traffic therefore provides a gold mine of insightful information on device/user utilization and behavior, essential for building efficient threat intelligence.


To this end, the EfficientIP DNS Threat Pulse product offers Security and NetSecOps teams a comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date intelligence data feed including multi-source malicious domain information. The feed is categorized, analyzed, and curated leveraging AI pioneering algorithms to deliver valuable and actionable data in real-time. So now your organization can proactively defend against DNS cyber threats globally.

DNS Threat Pulse uses unique, massive DNS traffic collection on a global scale to bring you higher data quality and relevance. It combines multiple trusted, open sources on malicious domains that are split into several threat categories and curated by patented leading-edge AI technology and pioneering algorithms.


Thanks to DNS Threat Pulse, your cybersecurity posture is strengthened with a highly accurate, up-to-date feed that can be used to block malicious intent of clients, devices, and users in the network before it is executed.

The feed is supplied in two formats:
1) Response Policy Zone (RPZ) format: a standard for filtering lists and feeds, compatible with any DNS firewall.

2) Client Query Filtering (CQF) format: advanced capability for better domain coverage, finer control, and use in conjunction with the EfficientIP DNS Guardian

Multiple categories include phishing, malware, Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA), and Newly Observed Domains (NOD) among others. All categories can be combined into one feed making distribution and management simpler.

Dns Threat Pulse Analytics

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