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Decrypt SSL/TLS Encrypted Traffic for High Performance Active and Passive Assurance Tools

The nGenius Decryption Appliance (nDA) enables high-performance visibility into traffic encrypted with TLS/SSL and SSH (including the latest standards). With active inline and passive out-of-band deployment options, nDA can support up to 40Gbs of bi-directional traffic while assuring optimal performance of downstream service and security assurance tools.


High Capacity

Decrypt up to 40 Gbps of Bidirectional Traffic with Models Designed for Unique Network Needs

Flexible Deployment

Support for Multiple Service Assurance and Security Tools with Passive and Active Deployment Options

Investment Protection

Incorporates Latest TLS + SSH Versions and Encryption Algorithms for Ultimate Compatibility

Experience the NETSCOUT Advantage

nGenius Decryption Appliance is a purpose-built, high-performance TLS & SSL decryption tool for the most demanding, pervasive security monitoring applications. When security-optimized capabilities and value really matter, enterprises and service providers alike select NETSCOUT.

NETSCOUT products are used by over 20,000 enterprise customers, including 92 of the Fortune 100 and more than 150 top service provider customers. nGenius Decryption Appliance integrates seamlessly with the NETSCOUT nGenius Packet Flow Switches or any 3rd party packet brokers and is supported by the company’s business processes, including its award-winning customer care program.


  • Remove security blind spots with nDA and gain visibility into encrypted traffic with full crypto support.
  • Deploy in a passive (out-of-band) or active (inline) tool-chaining configuration and place your security monitoring systems in a customizable virtual chain.
  • Reduce the port requirement by 50 percent, freeing up ports to connect more systems. Each system in the chain receives only the traffic of interest, increasing efficiency.
  • Purpose-built decryption acceleration hardware enables line rate processing free from bottlenecks.
  • High-performance packet processing resource provides hardware acceleration where the TLS and SSL decryption functions are performed to extend limits on throughput and prevent variable latency.
  • Comprehensive policy management functionality enables flexible policy-based decryption within your TLS and SSL decryption tools.
  • Maintain end-to-end security without degrading your security postures.