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Scalable Deep Packet Inspection Provides Visibility Without Borders

Cybersecurity teams face daunting challenges of keeping up to date with increasingly sophisticated bad actors and a continuously evolving network environment and attack surface. Strategically deployed in any network environment (including public cloud), NETSCOUT CyberStream network security sensors use patented, highly scalable, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology to convert raw packets into a rich source of layer 2-7 metadata that provide cybersecurity teams comprehensive network visibility and a rich source of data for better network detection and response (NDR).


Comprehensive Network Visibility

Support for any speed, protocol, physical, virtual, and cloud network environment provides continuous and comprehensive packet-level network visibility.

Advanced NDR

Scalable DPI tools and patented Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology convert raw packets into a rich source of layer 2 -7 metadata used for more advanced Network Detection and Response.

Real-time & Historical Threat Detection

Intelligently indexed, compressed, and locally stored metadata and packets used for real-time and longer-term back-in-time investigations before, during, or after an attack occurred.