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Pervasive Security Visibility

A Network Packet Broker (NPB) is an indispensable technology in our fast-paced IT world, ensuring network traffic is accessed, analyzed, and efficiently managed. NETSCOUT, as your preferred network packet broker vendor, uses advanced monitoring tools to filter and direct traffic information from network links to the relevant network monitoring tool. This process enhances both the security and reliability of your services and applications, allowing them to adapt effectively in a dynamic IT environment.


Security Tool “Sprawl”—Your New Nightmare

The cyber threat landscape is evolving, and so are the network security solutions designed to address it. More tools mean more security, right? Not necessarily. The resulting tool sprawl places new demands on security and network operations. The challenges are especially acute when it comes to active (inline) security systems that are designed to act on live network traffic. Every change or upgrade means a potential network disruption. Trying to deal with this sprawl can be a true IT nightmare.

The Urgent Need for Security Visibility

You need full network packet visibility so your security systems can perform their job effectively. At the same time, your systems should only be analyzing the network traffic they are designed to see in order to achieve the highest efficiency. Otherwise, precious resources are consumed performing functions extraneous to security, such as filtering or load balancing. What you need is a packet flow system, which allows the enterprise to capitalize on improved control and conditioning capabilities to achieve expanded visibility coverage and more effective end-security device performance. That’s exactly what NETSCOUT provides as a network packet broker vendor.

The packet flow system you deploy must solve the problem of limited packet visibility by creating a unified packet plane that logically separates security systems from the network, de-risking and streamlining your security deployments.


nGenius Packet Flow Systems

nGenius Packet Flow Systems are appliances that optimize the flow of packets from the network to the security systems. They perform key flow management functions, such as speed conversion, aggregation, and load balancing, as well as protect your network in the event of power loss or tool failure. NETSCOUT offers flexibility and choice with its software-driven packet brokers that deliver unmatched savings—for active and passive monitoring. They scale easily and cost-effectively to meet your exacting security and network traffic analyzing and monitoring needs.