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The Hardware on which Virtualization is Built

The uCPE or whitebox is the hardware on which the virtualization solution is built. It provides the resources for computation, storage and networking. Ekinops adopts a completely open approach for the support of these x86 based platforms. Ekinops markets its own hardware series under the name OVP (Open Virtualization Platform), but is also reselling and servicing the Dell VEP series and is open to support (almost) any choice of third-party hardware.


OVP Series

Ekinops markets its universal CPEs under the OVP brand name. The series offers a solution from entry-level products with only 4 CPU threads up to 24 CPU threads

Dell VEP

Ekinops is an authorized reseller and service partner for Dell. Ekinops offers hardware and OneOS6-LIM software and support for the VEP (Virtual Edge Platform) series

OneAccess Product Line

OVP808 The OVP808 is an Open Virtual Platform Designed for service Providers who want to combine several network function possibility from different vendors, in a single box

OneAccess Product Line

Dell VEP4600 Huge CPU performance up to 32 CPU threads