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Next-Generation Firewall

Effective security for any architecture

The next-generation firewall (NGFW) has evolved to become the ideal solution for visibility, control, and prevention at the network edge. Whether delivered via an on-premises physical firewallcloud-based virtual or containerized firewall, or from the cloud as a service, complete visibility into who and what is on the network, proven effective threat protection, and a unified management experience are necessary to safeguard users, devices, and data access.

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How Juniper can help

Operationalize security across your network, regardless of architecture, with Juniper next-generation firewalls, managed by one unified management experience. Juniper firewalls are the industry’s most effective against threats—complete with exploit and malware protection that leverages AI to accurately predict threats and stop them before they stop your business.  


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Seamless security transformation

Whether you’re expanding your edge footprint or adopting a SASE architecture, Juniper meets customers where they are on their journey and helps them leverage their existing investments. We empower you to transform your architecture at a pace that is best for your business by automating the transition through a unified management experience and single policy framework with Juniper Security Director Cloud.


Identity, segmentation, and AI-predictive threat prevention

Juniper next-generation firewalls extend zero trust principles to new architectures, including enforcing authorized access to resources and preventing known and zero-day threats at line rate.


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Consistent efficacy everywhere

No matter the form factor or deployment environment, Juniper next-generation firewalls use the same signature and threat-prevention engines, delivering the industry’s most effective protection against attacks. Juniper’s single policy framework makes it easy to create policies once and apply them anywhere and everywhere, so users, devices, and data are consistently protected wherever they go, even as you undergo architecture changes.


Encrypted traffic insights

Privacy and security are no longer mutually exclusive. Next-generation firewalls analyze encrypted traffic to detect and stop threats without decryption.

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