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Zero Trust Data Center

Operationalize zero trust across all centers of data

Data centers are quickly becoming “centers of data” where applications and workloads are distributed across multiple private and public cloud environments, which increases complexity and creates a larger attack surface. Juniper Connected Security automates zero trust across all centers of data at scale, regardless of the architecture, via a unified management experience, a single policy framework, and the most effective threat protection in the industry.

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How Juniper can help

Juniper’s data center security solution safeguards applications, data, and infrastructure with the industry’s first distributed security services architecture; sustainable high-performance firewalls—physical, virtual, and containerized; and a single management platform and policy framework that makes it easy to automate zero trust principles across any and all data center environments. Leverage the network itself—including switchesrouters, and access points; public and private cloud platforms; and third-party devices—to take an active role in protecting data across every point of connection, turning them into enforcement points and creating a threat-aware network.


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Automate zero trust

Extend zero trust security across hybrid environments, enforcing authorized access and micro-segmentation, with Juniper Security Director Cloud’s centralized policy enforcer. Create effective security policies that follow applications wherever they go as they move to new cloud environments, without having to manually reconfigure.


Scale out like never before

Juniper’s Connected Security Distributed Services Architecture removes single points of failure and makes the limitations associated with chassis size and form factor things of the past. No matter the size or location of your distributed data center, you can manage all security services as one logical unit, creating near-infinite scale without complexity.

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The industry’s most effective security

All Juniper firewalls—physical, virtual, and containerized—have been proven to be the most effective in the industry against threats to your data and infrastructure by multiple, objective, third-party tests over the past four years. Combined with ultra-high performance, cryptographic provisioning, and AI-predictive threat prevention, Juniper reduces risk and operational overhead.